Strangers Toast Over Unopened Wine They Apparently Found Under Their Subway Seat

A random encounter (and some random booze) led to a unique moment of New York City camaraderie.

Eight million people packed into one city makes a lot of strange interactions seem inevitable in New York, but when a seemingly unspoiled (and unopened) bottle of wine rolled out from under a seat and into the lives of two subway riders after midnight Sunday, an unforgettable and very Big Apple moment unfolded.

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"A full bottle of wine just rolled out from under a subway seat and now these 2 strangers popped it open & are drinking it," tweeted Colleen Hagerty, who was quick enough to snap a photo of the two men, whose silly exchange she called "peak New York."

A friend of Hagerty's further explained what happened on Reddit as the photo went viral late Monday.

"The bottle did, legitimately, roll out from under the seat. The man in the suit, confused, picked it up and proceeded to pop it.

"He offered some to the man next to him, who grabbed an empty Hennessy bottle from under his seat (not sure it was his) and the man in the suit poured him some wine into the empty Hennessy bottle and they cheers'd. It was hysterical."

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So far the two men in the picture have not come forward to detail their first-hand experience, which makes Hagerty's story difficult to verify. But in a calvalcade of messages, Hagerty said the takeaway is clear.

"The real lesson here is always look under your subway seat and New York City is the best," she tweeted.

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