'Dance Moms' Star Abby Lee Miller Shares Her Fears Over Possibly Going to Prison

Miller faces 30 months in prison after pleading guilty to bankruptcy fraud.

Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller faces 30 months behind bars after pleading guilty to bankruptcy fraud.

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Speaking to Inside Edition, Miller broke down in tears as she spoke about the prospect of going to prison, saying that she feels alone about the possibility.

She said she feels alone and is dreading the possibility of going to prison.

“The fear of the unknown is great,” she said. “But also the stories that you hear, you know, about being abused physically.”

The dance instructor was indicted on 20 counts of fraud after she failed to report $755,000 in income from her show and other assets when she filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2010.

She pleaded guilty to concealing or failing to report assets, which she blames on her own mistakes.

"No one wakes up and says, 'How can I cheat everyone out of money?'" she said. 

Miller added: "I am expecting full responsibility. I was a dance teacher. I never knew anything more about what was going on at the front desk. I feel I took bad advice. I have lot to learn, I have to take the blame."

She said her financial trouble started when she learned she owed $37,000 in back taxes on her dance studio and was advised to file for bankruptcy.

"If I had it to again, I would ask 37 people for $1,000 each," she said.

She claims things got worse when a judge saw a commercial for a spinoff of her Lifetime network show and thought she might be hiding income from the bankruptcy court.

Miller also claims she's not as financially successful as people might think. She says her reality TV show has been both a blessing and a curse, bringing her a huge audience but making people believe she's a villain which she claims she isn’t.

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Miller has just wrapped filming on season seven of Dance Moms. Season eight is in the works, despite her conviction

She is asking the judge for probation. Not knowing whether she's going to prison has left her feeling tormented.

Either way, she promises she will be back.

"I will survive," she said.

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