Congressman Under Fire for Comment About Kellyanne Conway Couch Photo

Kellyanne Conway also blasted feminists for failing to come to her defense.

Kellyanne Conway is blasting one politician who made a comment about the controversial photo of her kneeling with her feet on the Oval Office sofa.

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The photo taken Monday as President Trump met with leaders and presidents from historically black colleges shows Conway kneeling on a sofa in the Oval Office with her feet tucked beneath her as she has her shoes on.

Following the release of the image, Louisiana Democrat Cedric Richmond, made a cringe-worthy remark at a dinner in Washington that was carried live on C-SPAN Wednesday night.

"I wanna know what's going on there. She really looked kind of familiar in the position there," he was caught saying.

Conway expressed outrage, tweeting, "sexist, unfunny joke." She also took feminists to task for not coming to her defense.

“So-called sisterhood alarmingly silent,” she posted.

The congressman released a statement saying he meant nothing sexual.

"Where I grew up saying that someone is looking or acting 'familiar' simply means that they are behaving too comfortably," he said Thursday.

That's not enough for Conway, who said: “I notice he did not apologize, he tried to clarify."

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Chelsea Clinton came to Conway’s defense, tweeting: “Despicable. I hope @KellyannePolls receives the apology she deserves-certainly never thought I'd write that & I mean every word.”

Conway tweeted a thank you to Clinton Friday morning.

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