Mom-to-Be Busts a Move While Giving Birth in Viral Video

A very pregnant Amber Bush also did 300 squats while in labor.

At first, Amber Bush was embarrassed. Then she thought, what the heck.

So there she is, in labor, her big belly bare, rocking a pair of adult diapers with a fetal monitor taped to her navel, dancing and laughing her way through the preamble to giving birth.

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In a video that has gone viral, Bush is seen busting a move with her sister-in-law, Tashel Hurdon, in a Virginia hospital just hours before delivering her first child, a healthy and happy girl named Amelia.

“We had fun while it lasted, Bush told Monday night. “Dancing is what makes me happy.”

She and her husband, Teron, decided they wanted to make the birthing process as much fun as possible. She and her husband did squats while her contractions came and went.

She and her sister-in-law danced to hip hop music. They even did the Wobble, a popular line dance, as Bush’s cervix was dilated at six centimeters.

“At that point, I didn’t feel the contractions,” Bush said. She just felt herself dancing.

Her birth doula, Jessica Weisbrod, who describes her job as a “glorified labor coach,” took video of Bush and posted it on her company website Birthing in Love.

“At one point, she did 300 squats in an hour,” Weisbrod said. “I told her she better slow down or she was not going to have the strength to do anything else,” the woman said, laughing.

After two hours of dancing nonstop, Bush decided to take it down a notch. She stopped hoofing it about eight hours before Amelia, who is now 2 months old, arrived at 5:13 a.m.

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 She most definitely felt the contractions as she pushed her child into the world. “I’m not going to lie,” she said. “They were terrible. But it was only temporary.”

When Weisbrod asked permission to post Bush’s dancing video, the new mom initially balked.

“At first I was totally embarrassed because I thought people were going to think I was crazy,” she said.

Then she said, OK, let’s go for it. Even the adult diaper she was wearing after her water broke seemed part of the fun.  “We called them Victoria’s Secretions,” she said of the disposable underwear.

The whole point of the images was to show that giving birth is about much more than pain.

“It’s a celebration of life,” she said. “Just have as much fun with it as you can.”

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