Ultimate Wearable: Harvard Grads Invent Device That Claims to Guide Workouts Based on Sleep

The idea went from a college hunch to a product now available to the general public.

Ryan Lochte, LeBron James and a growing number of elite athletes have embraced the Whoop Strap — wearable technology with a twist.

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"What differentiates Whoop is our ability to tell you what to do next," Will Ahmed, the co-founder of the company, told Inside Edition. "We look at the amount of strain that accumulated on your body and say this is how much sleep you need to recover for tomorrow."

Ahmed and two fellow Harvard grads put their heads together and created a wearable device that tracks five body metrics 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It sends information to your phone and tracks your every move. Rest makes the difference in performance and the device will tell you how intensely you can work out based on your sleep, according to Ahmed. 

In the largest performance study ever done, 230 Minor League Baseball players wore the device last season and found "when athletes had a higher recovery they were pitching the ball faster," Ahmed said.

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He added: "People go from thinking of themselves as athletes three hours-a-day to athletes 24/7.”

The idea, that started as a college hunch is now a product available to the general public.

Ahmed says the company's attracted millions in venture capital funding and Ahmed has advice for others who've got that next great idea:

"The twisted thing about starting a company is you actually need a certain number of people to tell you you’re crazy, because that probably means you' on to something," he said.

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