Viral Giraffe Mom Speaks Out After Birth of Healthy Baby Boy: 'He's Known as the Giraffe Baby'

She also revealed that she and her husband nearly forgot her famous mask when she went into labor.

The pregnant mom who went viral while spoofing the livestream of April the giraffe is telling her story after beating the animal to the punch with the birth of a healthy baby boy this week.

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Erin Dietrich, of Myrtle Beach, S.C., gave birth Wednesday to son Porter Lane, who arrived at 6:11 p.m., and weighed in at eight pounds and two ounces. He was also 21-and-a-half inches long.

"He is here and he is perfect," Dietrich told Inside Edition from her hospital bed Thursday.

Dietrich gained national attention this week after she mocked April the giraffe’s livestream. The mother of four put on a giraffe mask and filmed herself doing the same thing April was doing in the video from her upstate New York zoo – nothing.

The mom in the mask became a viral sensation.

"He is known around the hospital as 'The Giraffe Baby,'" she said. “We got tons of giraffe stuff. He has been given a ton of giraffe gifts."

During the chaos that ensued after her water broke Wednesday, she and her husband almost forgot the beloved giraffe mask at home and he had to run back inside to grab it. When they arrived at the hospital, it was lying on top of her overnight bags.

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On Wednesday night, she returned to Facebook Live wearing her beloved giraffe mask and announced Porter’s arrival to the world.

“Everyone was waiting and we had to let everyone know we were beating April," she told Inside Edition.

April wasn't bitter about being beaten. On Thursday morning, staff at the zoo congratulated Dietrich on her behalf.

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