Gone With the Wind: Young Girl Clings to Door as Gust Blows It Open

The 4-year-old quickly became a viral sensation.

Video of an Ohio 4-year-old playfully skipping to the front door of her Ohio home starts off pretty harmless until a strong gust of wind blows through and leaves her hanging on for dear life.

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As little Madison Gardner of Lyndhurst, opened her home's door, the wind whipped through, forcing the entrance to swing open with the little girl holding on to the handle.

"She was laughing at it, she was scared at first but then started laughing," her mom, Brittany, told Inside Edition. "At first I was scared, then I watched it [the video] when we got inside and I was laughing. I am still laughing."

Luckily, the little girl wasn’t hurt and has become a viral sensation out of the ordeal.

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Brittany posted the video on social media Wednesday and put Frank Sinatra’s classic "Come Fly With Me" in the background.

Brittany told Inside Edition she is surprised how viral the video went. "I can't believe it has grown the way it has," she said. "I get messages from people in Germany, Japan, and Mexico, saying they saw the video on the news."

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