Interview Goes Hilariously Wrong as Professor's Children Burst Into Room on Live TV

Prof. Robert Kelly did his best to stick to the interview while the children ran around behind him.

This live TV interview took an interesting turn after it was invaded by children.

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Professor Robert Kelly was having a serious discussion about the impeachment of South Korea's president on the BBC Friday morning when things took an adorable turn as his toddler daughter and infant son went marching into the room where he was doing the interview.

BBC reporter James Menendez, clearly enjoying the new company, saying, "I think one of your children has just walked in."

Kelly tried to keep his composure kept on with the interview as if nothing happened. Trying to stay calm and professional, he didn’t even look behind him.

As his wife came running in to grab the children, Kelly apologized profusely as the kids were pulled from the room.

Kelly closed his eyes, paused in embarrassment, and desperately waited for the moment to pass. Once his wife successfully wrangled the kids and got them out. The children can be heard crying as the door shuts.

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The video quickly went viral and left the BBC reporter laughing off the adorable moment.

"Robert, many thanks! There’s a first time for everything seems like you have some children who need you," he said.

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