House Completely Covered by Ice in Astonishing Viral Images

John Kucko said the ice is up to six inches thick on his lakeside property in upstate New York.

The term “frozen in time” took on new meaning as one home in upstate New York was covered in ice and snow.

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Amazing images of a lakeside home in Webster, New York, on Lake Ontario that was covered in ice have gone viral.

John Kucko, who took the image, said many believe it is fake. However, he insists it is real.

“People thought I sprayed foam on it — not the case," he said.

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Kucko, who is an anchor at WROC-TV in Rochester, was with his daughter, Natalie, and showed Inside Edition the home. He said the ice is about six inches thick and is a drastic change from a week ago, where there was no ice at all.

"It was mild and this was not here," he said.

Kucko added that the air temperature is 14 degrees and with the wind child it is "probably around zero."

Kucko said that the homes next door did not get the same igloo-type treatment due to retaining walls that prevented the other houses to freeze over. 

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