Snooki Earns More to Speak at Rutgers than Toni Morrison

Jersey Shore breakout star Snooki commanded a higher appearance fee than literary great Toni Morrison at Rutgers University. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Call her Professor Snooki!

The Jersey Shore star made an appearance at Rutgers University, where she demonstrated her idea of a PhD…a Pouf Hair Do.

Snooki held two jam-packed "Q and A" sessions with the best and the brightest at Rutgers.

Some of the undergraduates Rutgers are steamed over the fact that Snooki's paycheck came out of their mandatory student activity fees. And Snooki was paid a jaw-dropping $32,000 for her insights! Next month, Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison will be paid $30,000 to deliver the commencement address at Rutgers!

The headline in Newark's Star-Ledger says it all: "What $32,000 buys at Rutgers…Is it MTV's Snooki, or one of America's greatest authors?"

And on INSIDE EDITION's Facebook page, viewers were irate:

"America is dumbing down!" wrote one.

Another said, "Do something useful with that money they are wasting!"

Well, it was educational – sort of. Snooki brought a bunch of students onstage to teach them the Jersey Shore fist pump.

And her parting advice to the students? Study hard, but party harder.