Man Uses Fake Lights and Sirens to Pull Over Vehicle Driven by Real Sheriff's Deputy: Cops

Cops say 21-year-old Johnnie Sellers was impersonating a cop in Riverside County, Calif.

Cops in Southern California arrested a man this week who they say impersonated a police officer... when he pulled over a real law enforcement officer.

A Riverside County Sheriff’s Deputy was driving in his personal vehicle Tuesday when he reported a white Dodge Dart had pulled up behind him and activated emergency lights and a siren.

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The Riverside Sheriff's Office said the deputy called dispatch to report that the driver of the Dodge Dart had activated two flashing lights in the upper windshield area of the vehicle with an audible police style siren.

The deputy said he was suspicious of the vehicle and did not pull over, at which point the driver of the Dart passed him, but not before the deputy snapped a photo with his phone.

According to a release from the Riverside County Sheriff's Office, officers conducted an investigation into the apparent impersonation of a police officer using the photo.

The vehicle captured in the photograph by the deputy was located within the City of Hemet, cops say.

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Upon inspecting the vehicle, sheriff’s deputies say they located LED light strips in the upper windshield area and a public address system installed on the vehicle.

The owner of the car, Johnnie Sellers, was arrested on suspicion of impersonating a police officer. The 21-year-old has since been charged and released.

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