Mom Broadcasts Live From School's Bathroom After She's Stunned at Their Conditions

Ashonti Dixon couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the bathroom, and took to Facebook Live to complain.

What started as a pleasant trip down memory lane for one Georgia mom turned into a nightmare when she saw the conditions of the women's bathroom at her former high school.

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Ashonti Dixon, 36, and her son visited Lithonia Middle School outside Atlanta and heard the school choir practicing. The performance was so moving that Dixon began to feel emotional.

But when she went into the ladies room to grab a tissue, she was appalled at what she saw, and took to Facebook Live to broadcast the conditions of the facilities.

“I just want to let y'all see how this bathroom looks,” she declared.

She said the bathroom was dirty and rundown. Stalls were lacking tissue or out of order and fixtures didn't work. There was “no light” and “no soap.”

"This right here is crazy," she said. "There's no toilet paper. There's no doors. This little girl came in here and I had to stand guard like how we do in the club. This right here is crazy."

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Dixon told Inside Edition: "I couldn't believe it, no child should have to use it." 

The school claimed that Dixon's video is not indicative of the state of the bathrooms at the school.

"The video depicts the restroom area before custodians cleaned it later that evening, and before the soap and paper products were restocked," DeKalb County School district says in a statement to Inside Edition. "Also, our operations division has initiated the process to remove and replace the toilet stall doors and other fixtures."

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