Sassy 4-Year-Old Again Steals Spotlight as Professor From Viral Interview Returns to TV

The whole family returned to the BBC to discuss their notoriety around the world.

Sporting a trench coat and trendy glasses, the daughter of the BBC pundit is once again stepping into the limelight.

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Marion Kelly, 4, captured hearts around the world when she burst into her father's home office and interrupted his live TV interview on the BBC.

Now, she is stealing the spotlight again with her trendy new look while enjoying a lollipop during a press conference her parents gave about the infamous blunder.

The internet lit up with reaction about the little girl's look.

Despite the parents' frantic actions to get the children out of the shot, Professor Robert Kelly said his kids are fine.

"Our children were not hurt... we normally do not treat our children the way you saw in the clip," her father, Professor Robert Kelly said at the press conference.

Meanwhile, a new video out of New Zealand is showing what would happened if a mom was doing a live TV interview with a similar disruption.

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In a spoof that appeared on the comedy show, Jono and Ben, she calmly lifted her child and gives her a bottle while being interviewed without skipping a beat.

In addition, she cleans a toilet, makes something to eat, helps her husband find his socks and even defuses a bomb.

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