Meteorologist Brings Her Young Family to Work, Puts Them on Live TV With Disastrous Results

It is another story of kids stealing their parents' thunder.

A Tennessee meteorologist thought it would be fun to bring her young children and nephew to work recently, but she immediately regretted the decision.

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Meteorologist Heather Haley brought the kids, who are on Spring Break, to WLVT in Knoxville, Tenn., and introduced them on air.

Her toddler son, Logan, lifted his shirt on air as he was introduced. Her nephew, Landon, began to dance and dab on screen, and her eldest son, Hayden, was wearing a green shirt which made him look like hue was a part of the set, thanks to the green screen behind him.

While she had a good laugh about it all, she told her family to walk off set so she could do the report, but Landon did not oblige.

The little rascal danced and jumped around the set, leaving his mother embarrassed and wondering whether bringing the children along was a good idea.

“I should have known better,” she said, laughing through her report.

A stage manager had to come on set to remove the child so she could get on with the forecast.

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The incident echoes the now infamous BBC pundit whose young children interrupted him as gave an interview on live TV. As the mortified father carried on with his interview, the children’s mother ran in and painstakingly dragged the kids out of the room.

It also comes on the heels of another meteorologist from Mississippi who was in the middle of his forecast when a young child ran onto his set and gave a forecast of his own, calling for "farts and toots" in the area before he was swept away from the set by his father.

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