Firehouse Welcomes 6 Babies in 7 Months: 'We've Been Having a Baby Shower Every Month'

After the last of the bunch was born, the firefighters brought their newborns into the firehouse for a heartwarming photo shoot.

It seems baby fever has struck an Iowa volunteer fire department, where firefighters have welcomed six babies over the last seven months, one of the soon-to-be dads told 

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Six of the 22 firefighters at the Mediapolis Fire Department announced they would be expecting babies, sharing the good news in rapid succession, smoke eater Adam Welp said. 

“The running joke was that we were without fire calls for a while,” Welp, 29, told

Welp, whose son Kalvin was born last month, said every firefighter expecting a girl was becoming a father for the first time, and every firefighter expecting a boy was having their second child.

“We didn’t plan it or anything; it just kind of snowballed,” he said.

“We’ve been having a baby shower a month for the last seven months. It’s been kind of fun," Welp continued. 

The first baby of the bunch was born in August and the last child was born a few weeks ago.

The department marked the end of the era by bring their own babies to the firehouse for a heartwarming photoshoot by Brissey Photography.

The baby boom has also led the men to develop a childcare system, Welp said. 

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“When we respond to a fire call, usually one of the other moms will come up with their husband, and we’ll all leave [our babies] there so they can play together,” he said. “We also hang out and see each other a lot, so we’ll bring them all around for that.”

Welp, who moved to Mediapolis with his wife last summer, said he’s thankful that the group of volunteer firefighters is so tight knit.

“It’s four hours to see my actual family," he said. "So it was kind of nice to have a fire-family to call home.”

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