On the Moove: Runaway Cow Charges Police Officer Who Tried to Corral It Into Gated Area

Cops appeared to see the humor in the situation when they posted the dashcam video to Facebook captioned: "Unknown heifer has beef with TBD."

A Texas cop wanted to help a wayward cow find its way, but the runaway bovine would not accept its capture without a fight.

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Dashcam video shows a Temple police officer trailing a cow, which appears to be lost, down a dirt road.

The officer finally corrals the bovine into a fenced area, and closes the gates behind him, hoping to end the cow's "jailbreak" once and for all.

But, it appears the cow had other plans as it starts charging at the officer from the opposite side of the field.

Luckily, the officer was able to escape the fence and jump out of harm’s way in the nick of time as the cow charges through the gates, knocking them open, and galloping past where the officer had once been standing.

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The police department seemed to see the humor in the scenario when they posted the dashcam video to Facebook, captioned: “Unknown heifer has beef with TBD.”

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