Father Who Shamed Son With Signs at NBA Games Defends the Stunt

The dedicated dad wanted his sign to be message to an audience of one.

The dad who called out his son during a few NBA games for his bad grades has spoken out about his methods, saying his son has received the message he was trying to send "loud and clear."

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The father, attended a series of professional basketball games across the country, holding up signs with messages for his son, scolding him for a bad academic performance.

Tommy, who asked that his last name not to be used, came front and center at Friday’s Cleveland Cavaliers/Charlotte Hornets game: "Thomas get your grades back up and next time you'll be here. Love, dad." The sign even had a crying emoji with the Cavs logo.

“My signs were dedicated to an audience of one! Just my son," the father told Inside Edition. "I wanted to give the attention to one person."

Days after his first sign caught national attention, Tommy had another — at a different NBA game in Houston when the Rockets played the Oklahoma City Thunder.

"Thomas can you hear me now? Student then athlete son. In that order. Love, dad," it read.

"Normally we will go to sporting events together," the dedicated dad told Inside Edition. "Due to his lack of effort in Mandarin and a couple of other courses, he couldn't go. So, since he couldn't come I wanted it to be a message from the game.”

He says his son got the message "loud and clear."

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On Tuesday night, the Charlotte Hornets parodied the signs at the game with their mascot.

The dad said that once his son gets the grades up, he will have another sign to celebrate.

He even showed off a sign during his interview with Inside Edition that read, "I love you," adding, "This is the only sign you need to remember." 

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