The Best Spring Cleaning Hacks for Dirty Jobs, From Air Vents to Shedding Dogs

Meaghan Murphy, the executive editor of Good Housekeeping magazine, is sharing her tips for spring cleaning success.

As the days get longer and temperatures warm up, there is a simpler way to approach the annual ritual of spring cleaning.

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Meaghan Murphy is the executive editor of Good Housekeeping magazine and has shared some of her favorite spring cleaning tips with Angela, a busy mom of two, for Inside Edition.

If cleaning your dirty air vents is one your spring cleaning list, take a butter knife and a microfiber cloth to get the job done. Murphy advises putting the cloth around the knife to clean the slats of the vents. 

Angela loves to have fresh flowers in the house, but the vases can get dirty and filled with residue from the flowers.

Murphy suggests that using rice helps clean the vases. If you put the rice at the bottom with soap and water and shake it around, it gets rid of the grime. 

Angela's dog Rusty is cute as can be, but he sheds like crazy. To deal with the scourge of the pup's hair, Murphy suggests using dry rubber gloves to collect it.

If you need to get your bathroom faucet clean, use toothpaste, the mild abrasives and the cleaning power of the paste will make the appliances shine.

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And who has time to iron sheets? Now you don't have to, since Murphy uses ice cubes as a de-wrinkling agent.

If you put ice cubes in the dryer with the sheets, they will smooth out the cloths. 

And sometimes spring cleaning is just about organizing. She suggests taking a garment bag and placing wrapping paper in vertically and hanging it in a closet to save space

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