Motorcycle Goes Off Cliff in Terrifying Moment Caught on Video: 'I Thought He Was Dead'

David Park feared the worst for his friend Willy after he went over the edge.

A man's GoPro camera captured horrifying video of his friend suddenly going over a cliff while riding a motorcycle.

"That split second, when I saw his body fly over the trees, I thought he was dead," David Park told Inside Edition.

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Park's camera, mounted on his helmet, shows him stopping on a winding road in Southern California's Angeles National Forest and scurrying down a hillside to help his friend.

"Just don't move, OK?" he tells his stunned friend, who is conscious and entangled in heavy brush.

Park stayed with his buddy, waiting for rescuers.

"Man, you are a lucky man," a firefighter can be heard telling the man in the video. 

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The crash victim suffered a broken shoulder and was airlifted via helicopter to a nearby hospital. He said his back wheel slipped, and he lost control of his bike. 

"I'm just shocked how someone could survive that and walk away," Park said. 

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