Meet the Cats That Can't Stop Cuddling After They Were Rescued

Rescue cats Mori and Louie had a rocky start, but the pair now spend their days snuggling, grooming and following each other around.

There's nothing like brotherly love, even if you're a rescue kitten.

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Meet Mori and Louie, two cats who can’t stop cuddling since they were rescued several years ago.

The pair can be seen on their Instagram page spending their days snuggling, giving kisses and following each other around the home.

“Mori takes care of Louie and grooms him all the time," their owner Jocelyn Tsaih of New York City told “They like to chase each other back and forth around our apartment and wrestle each other. It looks like they’re fighting, but they’re really just having fun."

But it has not always been hugs and affection for the two rescued brothers.

Tsaih explained Mori was adopted from a Puerto Rico rescue as a kitten about three years ago, and had trouble adjusting to a new feline in the home when they adopted Louie in January.

“Mori was used to being the only cat in the apartment by then, so we knew he’d be territorial,” Tsaih explained. “As expected, Mori seemed threatened by Louie right away and would hiss and growl at him.”

The pair was kept separate for several weeks, and Louie knew to keep his distance until he couldn’t resist curling up next to Mori.

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"I think Louie initiated the cuddling because he loves the attention and loves being warm,” Tsaih said. “Mori is actually a very patient and accepting cat despite his anxious tendencies, and just went along with it.”

Before long, she said, the pair was inseparable.

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