Woman Arrested in 'Make My Day' Home Invasion Case Has 'a Lot of Regrets,' Defends Shooter

Elizabeth Rodriguez was the getaway driver in the in the home invasion gone wrong that left her boyfriend and two others dead.

The 21-year-old getaway driver in the Oklahoma home invasion shooting that resulted in three deaths collapsed into tears as she spoke out about the break-in gone wrong.

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Elizabeth Rodriguez spoke to Inside Edition from an Oklahoma jail, where she admitted her role in the crime.

Rodriguez' boyfriend, Max Cook, and friends Jacob Redfern and Jake Woodruff were all killed when the homeowner's son, Zach Peters, opened fire with an assault rifle.

She recalled: "I heard the gunshots and I waited and I waited, waiting for them and then Jake came out. I seen him by the gate and he slid across my car. All I could hear him say was, 'I got hit.' He fell down in the driveway."

Rodriguez sped off but surrendered to police just hours later. She revealed that there was somebody else in the car with her who is believed to be a 15-year-old girl.

"I took her where I knew she could be safe," Rodriguez said.

She says she and the three teens committed several carjackings and home invasions together.

"I guess we kind of got used to not getting caught. We made bad choices," she said.

While Zach Peters has been praised by many for defending his home, Elizabeth Rodriguez has been charged with murdering the three teens and could face the death penalty.

Under Oklahoma law, if someone dies while a group commits a felony, all suspects can be charged with murder, even if they did not actually kill the person.

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“I understand legally why they are charging me, but did I kill them? Did I murder them? No, I don't believe I did at all. I tried to help them," she said.

She also agrees that Peters had every right to use deadly force.

"I don't think that Zach Peters murdered them," she said. "Zach had every right to. I understanding of why he did what he did. He was protecting his home. That's his right. We all knew what could happen. We all knew the risk."

Rodriguez has three children between the ages of seven months and two years, but won't confirm reports that she is pregnant. She says she's hoping the families of the dead teens will forgive her.

She said she has "a lot of regrets" for what she has done.

Under Oklahoma law if someone dies during the commission of a felony, all suspects can be charged with murder even if they did not actually kill someone.

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