Strangers Send Gown to Teen With Down Syndrome After Reading About Her Doritos 'Promposal'

A Wisconsin couple who have a daughter with special needs wanted to send Carlie Witteman, 15, a prom dress after hearing about her story on the news.

When a Kansas student with Down syndrome was asked to prom in a "cheesy," Doritos-themed manner, a Wisconsin couple touched by the story decided they wanted to complete her fairy tale evening and sent her a gown fit for a princess. 

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Carlie Witteman, a freshman at Newton High School in Kansas, went viral last month when her brother’s best friend, Shaedon Wendel, a senior at the same school, asked her to prom using her favorite snack as a prop: Doritos.

"Her favorite food has been Doritos ever since I’ve first known her," Wendel told in a previous interview.

That’s why his special "promposal" included a bag of chips, and a custom T-shirt that read: "I know I’m NACHO typical Dorito, but I’m going to be CHEESY and ask: Will you go to prom with me?"

When the pair made national news, Wisconsin couple Floyd and Norma Grode wanted to make her prom magical. Their own daughter, Cathy, 50, has cerebral palsy and receives round-the-clock care, which is why they were touched by another girl with special needs living out her dreams.

“My mom and dad can understand when there’s a handicap in the family and how difficult it can be, so they just wanted to help out and make sure her day was special,” the couple's daughter, Kay Setterman, said.

Because Setterman works at Circle the Date, a local formalwear store, her parents approached her to organize a Cinderella-style dress for the girl, who lives several states away.

"He asked if I could find a dress perfect for her, and I said sure," she said.

After Setterman picked out the dress — a light blue gown with rhinestones on the bodice — she got in touch with Witteman, and video called her from the shop to show her the dress.

"There have been a lot of happy tears," Setterman said. "Someday, I hope we will all meet."

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When Setterman contacted the store’s owner, Jenny Kilty, she even offered to gift free jewelry, a scepter, a crown and a garter, as well as a matching bowtie and suspenders for her date.

“It was the sweetest story,” Witteman’s date, Wendel told “We are all so thankful for what people have donated and offered us and we couldn't be more happy with the turnout of all of this. Carlie is counting down the days."

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