Resident Pranks Mailman With 'Never-Ending' Letter in Pick-up Slot

The mailman kept the letter.

A Pennsylvania mailman was left utterly confused as he fell victim to an elaborate ruse in the mail slot.

Billy Kelly, who's a comedian, had the prank all planned out for his mailman, with whom he has developed a friendship over the past 10 years.

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For April Fools' Day, Kelly put a 10-foot envelope in his mail slot for his mailman to find as part of an epic trick.

However, the Postal Service employee who showed up to collect the mail at Kelly's home wasn’t his regular mailman, but a new one who had just started the job. His regular postal carrier had the day off.

"We watched him," Kelly told "He was really kind of confused."

As Kelly and his wife watched from their car outside the home, the man pulled out 60 percent of the seemingly never-ending letter addressed to "A.P. Rilfools."

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The couple eventually got out to tell the man it was a joke.

“He laughed and said he didn’t know what to think," Kelly said. "He kept the letter to show his wife."

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