Oldest Pair of Jeans Known to Exist in the World Expected to Fetch $80,000 at Auction

The pants are believed to be up to 124 years old.

Who knew jeans tucked away in a trunk 124 years ago would someday be worth so much today?

The oldest pair of Levi Strauss blue jeans known to exist are from the 1890s and in pristine condition. They are believed to have never been worn.

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The Levis are expected to go for $80,000, according to auctioneer Daniel Soules. The jeans also come with a Levi's guarantee referencing a dark chapter in American history.

“They are positively superior to any in the United States and made with white labor and enjoy a national reputation,” Soules said. “It was post-Civil War. They wanted to make sure no slaves making these.”

The jeans were owned by legendary pioneer Solomon Warner who helped settle Tucson, Ariz. He was about six-foot-six-inches tall and weighed about 300 pounds. His jeans have a 44-inch waist and 46-inch inseam.

Soules called Warner "the John Wayne of the Old West."

The trunk containing the jeans stayed within the family. They are being sold by Warner’s great-great-grandson, Jock Taylor.

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The jeans are boxier than the popular slim fit jeans of today and featured a button fly, as well as one back pocket. There are also no belt loops.

Levi’s actually offered to buy the jeans for $5,000, but their owner is holding out to get more by selling them to the highest bidder.

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