Ivanka Trump Says She's 'Holding Myself to the Highest Ethical Standard' in White House Role

It was the first time she has spoken publicly about her job as her father's assistant.

Ivanka Trump has called politics "a tough business" in her first interview since officially becoming the assistant to the president.

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The first daughter spoke to CBS This Mornings Gayle King, saying that the role has opened the door to her to have a major impact in her dad’s administration.

“I’ll continue the advocacy work that I was doing in the private sector — advocating for the economic empowerment of women. I’m very focused on the role of education. I’m still my father’s daughter,” she said. “So to me the — this particular title was about giving critics the comfort that I’m holding myself to that highest ethical standard. But I’ll weigh in with my father on the issues I feel strongly about.”

At the start of the interview, King pressed Trump about the now-famous 60 Minutes episode which aired days after the election where she said she would not work in her father’s administration and focus on the family business.

Trump now seemed to backtrack on that remark.

“When I spoke to 60 Minutes it was — I think five or six days following the election. And I was processing real time the new reality and what it would mean. I realized that having one foot in and one foot out wouldn’t work. And the reality is that it — it all happened very organically for me,” she said.

Following the election, Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, moved to Washington, D.C. and have lived full time in the capitol since the inauguration in January.

The lifelong New Yorker was also asked about the major move out of the Big Apple, saying: “Never in my life would I have thought that I would have actually moved out of New York.”

She calls her move to Washington “an amazing moment in time.”

King raised the "complicit" issue during her interview, saying: “I’ve read articles saying you are complicit-- that Jared and Ivanka are complicit in what is happening to the White House,” and asked her to weigh in on it.

“If being complicit is wanting to be a force for good and to make a positive impact, then I’m complicit. I don’t know that the critics who may say that of me, if they found themselves in this very unique and unprecedented situation that I am now in, would do any differently than I’m doing,” she replied.

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Trump then added: "I don’t know what it means to be — complicit, but, but, you know, I hope time will prove that I have — done a good job and much more importantly, that my father’s administration is the success that I know it will be."

During the lengthy interview, King asked the 35-year-old about her own political future, to which she replied that no one should plan on seeing “Ivanka 2024” signs anytime soon.

“Politics is a tough business,” she said.

In a different CBS This Morning segment Wednesday, Chelsea Clinton also appeared and had some kind words to her friend, Ivanka Trump.

“I hope her kids are doing well," she said. "I hope they're enjoying their new home in Washington."

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