Heartbroken Dog Thinks Stuffed Animals Are Puppies After Hers Died During Birth

The family rescued the pup from Mexico.

A California dog that lost her puppies during labor now thinks three stuffed animals are her children.

Xavier Hernandez’s mom, Leticia, rescued Twinkle a few months ago when she visited Mexico, but they later found that the pup was pregnant.

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"My mom felt bad for her because she was under a truck and also very dirty," Hernandez, 18, told InsideEdition.com.

When Twinkle gave birth last weekend, her three little puppies didn’t make it, and she became severely upset.

"She was depressed and she didn't get up from her bed," Hernandez said. "My mom was trying to cheer her up by giving her a stuffed animal that she had and realized that made her a little happy."

So Hernandez’s mom picked up three stuffed animals at the store for little Twinkle.

"That made her really happy," Hernandez said. "We took her out to PetSmart yesterday and when she came home she ran straight to them."

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The family has just been trying to give Twinkle a lot of attention and love to help cope with the loss.

"She's doing a lot better. Me or my parents take her for constant walks around the neighborhood," Hernandez said.

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