Hero UPS Driver Reunites With Family He Rescued From Fire: 'Thank God That Paul Drove By'

Driver Paul Pereira put out the flames on the family's porch.

A heartfelt reunion between a UPS worker and those he saved from a terrifying house fire brought the family to tears.

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“We are forever grateful for what you did for our family," Tracy Lavender told the delivery driver, Paul Pereira. 

“You don't have to cry,” he said as they hugged. 

Pereira was making his evening deliveries last week when he saw a wicker table aflame on the porch of the home in Haverhill, Mass.

“I just ran out of my truck, ran up to the door, banged on the door, screaming, ‘Your house is on fire! Your house is on fire!'" he told Inside Edition.

Pereira jumped into action, using a garden hose to douse the flames.

“That's a UPS guy doing this,” one observer is heard saying in a video of the incident.

“I know,” said another. “He gotta get a promotion.”

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Inside the house were Lavender and her stepdaughter Emily.

“I came in from the back. I saw my whole porch engulfed in flames. It was just scary," she told Inside Edition. 

Lavender and her husband Brian know things could've had a much different outcome if not for the brave UPS worker.

“He's definitely our hero,” said Tracy.

So here's to the UPS worker who truly delivers.

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