Police Officer Steps In to Help Young Boy Tie His Tie: 'That's What We Are All About'

YouTube videos didn't help the family figure it out.

An Indiana woman captured the sweet moment that a state trooper jumped into action to help her nephew tie his tie after it came undone prior to a ceremony.

Victoria Mada, her sister, and 13-year-old nephew, X’zavier, traveled to the Indiana State House to see the boy receive a "Youth of the Year" honor by their local Boys and Girls Club. 

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On the way, however, X’zavier’s tie came undone. Mada's sister, a single mom, didn't know how to fix it. 

“He tried to redo it himself and he just couldn’t remember every step. My sister tried to YouTube it but it’s not that easy,” Mada told InsideEdition.com. “We were worried about how to get it tied. I turned and I happened to see an officer walking, so I asked that officer.”

Thankfully, State Police Sgt. Don Gregory was there to help.

Mada said he stepped right up and showed X’zavier how it was done and the two shook hands afterwards.

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“I’ve got kids of my own," Gregory told InsideEdition.com. "I like kids and they seemed like a very nice family. That’s what we are all about, trying to help people. It was opportunity for me to help him out.” 

Mada, who was previously a 911 dispatcher, said she posted the photo to social media to show that cops are good people.

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