Man Buried by Mt. Everest Avalanche Reveals Anguish: 'This Is How I'm Going to Die'

Snow and ice came barreling at Michael Churton following an earthquake.

The story of one man who survived a deadly avalanche on Mount Everest in 2015 is opening up in a new documentary about the disaster.

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The deadly avalanche was triggered by an earthquake and claimed the lives of 200 people.

Michael Churton was in the middle of it as a wave of ice, snow, and boulders suddenly came barreling toward him.

"So this is how I’m going to die,” he recalled telling himself in an interview to Inside Edition.

His story is featured in the upcoming Smithsonian Channel documentary, Nightmare on Everest.

The challenge of climbing Mount Everest in Nepal is unmatched and each year, adventurers from around the globe are drawn to the mountain.

Churton, a filmmaker from Brooklyn, N.Y., was in a tent at base camp when the 7.8 magnitude quake hit.

"I saw this avalanche coming at us. It was like the Empire State Building of ice, and rock,” he told Inside Edition. “There was no running and I knew we didn't have a lot of time.”

He added: "It seemed like death was imminent, so it seemed like getting low wouldn't be enough, but that's what I did.”

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Churton grabbed his camera to capture the historic images after the dust settled, but soon realized he was too injured to carry on. He had broken bones in his face and a concussion.

The survivors had to walk seven miles before they were flown to safety by a helicopter.

Despite what happened, Churton said he would certainly go back.

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