Cop Apprehends 2 Pygmy Goats Caught Wreaking Havoc and Eating Cat Food in Garage

Sgt. Daniel Fitzpatrick was able to lure them into his patrol car using cat leashes, but he wasn't sure what to do with them next.

Maine police took some unlikely suspects into custody over the weekend after they were wreaking havoc in a woman’s garage and eating all her cat food.

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Louis and Mowgli are the names of the two pygmy goats apprehended by the Belfast Police Department Sunday morning.

“I’ve never had passengers like that before,” arresting officer Sgt. Daniel Fitzpatrick told of his pygmy perps. “They were very personable, so it was nice.”

Fitzpatrick explained the two pygmy goats were wandering free around the town when a local decided to corral them and keep them in her garage until she found their owners.

What seemed like a good idea took a turn for the worst when Louis and Mowgli started jumping up and down on her cat cages, eating her cats’ food and wandering around.

That’s when she called the local police department to pick up the two adorable intruders.

“She led us to her garage and I look out there expecting to see full-size goats and then there were these two, what I thought, were baby goats,” Fitzpatrick said. “We attached them to the cat leashes [and they] walked to the cruiser and just jumped on in.”

He posted their pictures to their Facebook page, and hoped someone would recognize the goats quickly. Instead, he spent the rest of his morning driving around with Louis and Mowgli in the back seat and feeding them carrots and celery.

“The young white one was serenading me with this goat music and the other one seems to have fallen asleep,” he said.

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By the afternoon, the goats’ owner had realized Louis and Mowgli were missing and contacted the police department to pick them up with leashes of their own.

“Occasionally we have farmer animals – goats, sheep, horses – and we kind of corral them back in with the help of the owners, but this was the first time we’ve had goats with us driving around,” Fitzpatrick said. “I do plan on checking in with them later on.”

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