Biracial Twins, One White and One Black, Celebrate Their First Birthday

Kalani, who has light skin and blue eyes, and Jarani, who has darker skin and brown eyes, have totally different personalities, according to their mom.

Two adorable biracial twins who became famous for their two separate skin tones — one white and one black — are now a year old.

Kalani Dean has light skin and blue eyes like her mother, while Jarani has darker skin and brown eyes like their father.

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The girls, who are from Illinois, celebrated their first birthday on Sunday with a castle-shaped cake complete with a princess each.

Whitney Meyer, the twins’ mom, said people are still surprised by their contrasting complexions.

“You get a lot of people with confused faces that see them [in matching clothes] because of their skin tones," Meyer told "But once I tell them they're twins they get so tickled. They get a lot of pictures from people."

Kalani and Jarani also have different personalities, according to their mom.

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“Kalani is very active girl and loves to explore what she can," Meyer said. "Jay is still our laid back child that would rather have a banana over bouncing a ball lol. She has more of the chill personality. I love being their mom. Our local town calls them the celebrity babies!”

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