23-Year-Old Amazon Delivery Driver Rescues Florida Man From House Fire

Amazon Prime truck
It was all thanks to an Amazon delivery driver that an unnamed man was rescued from a house fire in Florida.Getty Images

The unnamed man was standing in the middle of the kitchen with his walker, unsure of what to do, when 23-year-old Sean Campbell leapt into action.

It’s all thanks to a young Amazon delivery driver, who went beyond the call of duty, that a Florida man escaped his burning home. Sean Campbell, 23, who had been in the New Smyrna Beach neighborhood Friday, leapt into action when he saw a fire break out on the street.

“I heard the screaming,” Campbell told WESH. “And when you hear something like that, you have to go to it.”

Campbell explained that he was making deliveries when he heard screams, and dropped his packages in order to rush toward the noise. That’s when he encountered a home’s garage on fire, and the flames were quickly spreading to engulf the rest of the house.

The woman inside had already escaped, thanks to help from a neighbor, but Campbell told WESH a man was still inside. Instead of waiting for help, he ran into the home to rescue him.

“He was in the kitchen with his walker, just standing there. I don’t think he really knew what was going on,” Campbell told WESH. “I was like, ‘Sir, come on. I need to help you. Come on, let’s go.’”

Firefighters later arrived on the scene, and were able to rescue their family dog.

The couple’s son, Tim West, thanked Campbell for his heroism. “He was both here and able to go inside and brave enough to go inside,” West told WESH. “We really appreciate that.”