Albino Kangaroo Gives Instagrammer Some Tough Love as He Hugs and Punches Him

The man has more than 425,000 followers on the account dedicated to taking pictures with animals.

A self-proclaimed animal whisperer befriended an albino kangaroo while in Australia — or did he?

Allan Dixon, whose Instagram account has grown in popularity, thanks to his selfies with animals, calls himself a real-life Dr. Dolittle, and one albino kangaroo appears to agree at first.

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His new buddy wasted no time, hugging and cuddling the Ireland native in an adorable video shared by Caters News.

"I was hanging out with this albino kangaroo and for some reason he was really curious in sniffing my face," Dixon said. "He even licked my inner nose, the cheeky roo."

But perhaps the words of "Dr. Dolittle" got lost in translation, as the encounter suddenly took a violent turn.

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"This selfie in particular didn't end well," Dixon recounted. "I got a kangaroo palm slap to the mouth, a hug, then a kick to the groin. Out of nowhere, [the kangaroo] took a bite of my t-shirt and grapples onto my arm.”

Or maybe the kangaroo was just too excited to control himself. Dixon said because he’s dealt with animals before, he knew to stay calm.

"It was every emotion at once, a rollercoaster of happiness to fear, from punches to hugs." Dixon said.

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