Snowy Matrimony: Bride and Groom Go Skiing on Their Wedding Day

They also got engaged at the ski resort.

A Canadian couple took their love of skiing to an entirely new level when they skied down a mountain while still clad in their wedding day attire.

Andrew Leonard and Chela Davison wanted to have a “quiet moment to reflect” between their ceremony and reception so they took two hours to ski, spend time together and take photos at the Whistler Blackcomb Resort in Canada.

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“We have a full ski background just recreationally," Davidson told Our first time away together, a week into our dating, we went on a ski trip in Whistler and then it just kind of became our spot. Andrew proposed there and we had gone every year on our dating anniversary so we decided we wanted to have our wedding there.”

The couple even explored the idea of getting married at the top of the mountain, which didn’t end up being feasible.

They did, however, decide to do a run on the resort’s black diamond slope.

Their photographer, Pascale Gadbois, an Olympic skier herself, had no problem taking pictures while out on the slopes with the couple

It was just us and the photographer," Leonard said. "We weren’t in the whole hoo-hoo of bringing the whole wedding party up there — our parents or anything like that. It was getting towards the end of the day so she just took us to places where we basically had the whole mountain to ourselves.”

Leonard loved the way his new bride looked while gliding down the slopes, dressed all in white.

“It kind of covered her whole skis and it just sort of rippled and floated along as she went down the mountain. It was almost as if she was hovering down the mountain with this big dress on,” he said.

And the couple said they had an extra special moment on the reflective journey.

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“My brother passed away in November and he was to be my best man at the wedding and we got this beautiful day sandwiched between just weeks of grey,” Leonard said. “When we got up there, I’m helping Chela do her boots and our photographer behind us was like, 'Hey guys, I just want you to pay attention. I’m not sure what you believe in or what your religion is, but I believe in the power of nature and I just want you to look behind you right now.'"

Leonard said there was a rainbow in a perfect circle around the sun.

“There was such a presence and emotional quality and spiritual texture woven through those two hours,” Leonard said.

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