Quadruplets Who All Got Accepted to Ivy League Schools: 'We Pick Yale!'

The Wade brothers are all headed to Yale.

The Wade quadruplets, who were all accepted into the country’s best colleges, have all decided to attend Yale, the family announced Monday.

The four Ohio brothers became media darlings last month after receiving acceptance letters from Harvard, Yale and a long list of revered institutions, including the University of California at Berkeley and Stanford.

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The Liberty Township residents finally chose Yale because of its “extraordinary” financial aid package offered to the solidly middle class students.

“The school treated us like family,” said Nigel Wade, of a campus visit made by his family.

Other brothers Nick, Zack and Aaron agreed with Nigel, but Aaron, who was also accepted to Stanford, was torn.

He visited the Northern California campus and was still torn. “I loved it as well,” he told the Today show. “But at the end of the day, Yale made sense logistically, and it’s an amazing school,” he said.

It also makes sense for the 18-year-old brothers’ parents, who won’t have to attend four different college graduations.

“Yale won,” said dad Darrin Wade, a software architect for General Electric. “They made the best offer, and it was the benchmark for my sons,” he said.

The Connecticut campus was his favorite all along, the father said.

The brothers attend Lakota East High School, where they all are outstanding students and athletes.

Their mother is a junior high school principal. But even with two salaries, the parents said they couldn’t afford to put all of their sons through an Ivy League school.

“We didn’t have the resources for places like that,” Warren said.

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Not only is Yale’s financial aid considerable, the father said, but the staff was more welcoming than any of the other schools.

“They wanted to make sure they felt comfortable,” he said of administrators’ treatment of his sons.

“Not only that, but the alumni reached out and made themselves available to us,” the father said. “I had people I didn’t know calling and saying, ‘We want your sons there,’ and they are going to be sure they are taken care of.”

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