Grandmother, 63, Gets Nose Pierced After Granddaughter Encourages Her to Follow Her Dreams

MaryAnn McNeil, 63, is now sporting a brand new nose ring after her granddaughter surprised her with a trip to a body piercer.

This New Hampshire grandmother proves she’s still young at heart.

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MaryAnn McNeil, 63, is now sporting a brand new nose ring, thanks to her granddaughter’s constant encouragement to follow her dreams.

“It’s something that she wanted to do for a really long time,” said granddaughter, Kayla Cote of Milford, N.H. “I have a lot of tattoos and a lot of piercings. Every time I’d get something done, she would always talk about it. She didn’t know if it was age appropriate, but she would drop a lot of hints.”

Cote told her family has been going through a tough time, and she thought this would be the perfect opportunity for her and her grandmother to do something fun together as a bonding activity.

So, Cote invited her nana to accompany her on a trip to a mall, where the pair would spontaneously go into a piercing salon and get her nose pierced.

“She’s not one to go and do things like that for herself but if she’s faced with an opportunity...” Cote said.

When she broke the news to her grandmother, McNeil was both shocked and excited about the surprise, according to a video Cote posted to YouTube.

But as the needle pierced her skin, McNeil didn’t look scared at all. “She was cracking jokes,” her granddaughter said.

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And, after two weeks of positive feedback from her friends, McNeil even decided she is ready for a tattoo.

“She asked me to message one of my tattoo artists, she wants a small, religious one above her ankle,” Cote laughed. “When you’re 63 and not working, it doesn’t matter anymore.”

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