Was Melania Hacked? Speculation Grows After She 'Likes' Tweet Mocking President Trump

The tweet in question showed the infamous moment where she was seen scowling at her husband during the inauguration.

Did the first lady really like a tweet that poked fun at her husband?

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Melania Trump’s Twitter account apparently liked a tweet from that awkward moment at the inauguration when she smiled at the president then appeared to scowl the moment he looked away.

The tweet was sent out at 9:45 p.m. Tuesday by pundit Andy Ostroy with the caption: "The only #wall Donald Trump's built is the one between him and #melania.”

Forty-five minutes after the tweet was posted, someone using the first lady's personal and verified Twitter account actually hit the heart button.

In turn, social media freaked out.

Even Ostroy himself was perplexed, later tweeting: “I suspect this isn’t a real account for @flotus…,” but he was wrong.

Soon after it was noticed, the like on the tweet was gone.

If in fact Melania Trump did in fact hit the heart button, it would be the second time she has liked a tweet since 2012. Her personal account, @MELANIATRUMP, has been inactive since Election Day.

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"The first lady wasn't aware of any of this until I brought it to her attention," a spokesperson for Trump’s third wife told Inside Edition. 

When asked by Inside Edition what supposedly happened, her spokesperson said: “Who knows! But we have since changed passwords."

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