Teen Makes Matching Prom Dress for Her Dog Using Fabric From Her Own Gown

Sasha, the 7-year-old rescue pup, wasn't actually allowed into the dance, even though she was clearly dressed for the occasion.

It’s not quite prom unless your dress matches your date’s outfit.

That’s what this Florida teen had in mind when she decided to make a matching gown for her dog using the same fabric as her own prom dress.

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“I’m a really big pet lover,” 18-year-old Brenda Sierra of Tampa told InsideEdition.com. “I try to share every moment with her so I wanted to bring her with me to take pictures for prom. I wanted her to get dressed up and I had the extra fabric, so I made the dress for her.”

Sierra said it took two hours, a glue gun and the extra fabric from her gown she saved from the tailor to make a beautiful, off the shoulder frock for her 7-year-old rescue pup Sasha.

“I love getting her dressed up and she’s very tolerant with it,” Sierra said, mentioning that her pup has a mini closet of outfits within her own. “She doesn’t mind it. She doesn’t chew it off or pick at it.”

Although Sasha loves getting pampered, this is the first look Sierra made with her own hands.

And, it was clearly a blast since pictures of herself, Sasha and her date Rodney Sesler in matching outfits went viral almost immediately, even though the pup didn’t actually get to attend the dance with them.

“During prom, everyone had already seen the pictures,” Sierra laughed. “My Twitter was blowing up during prom, and then my mom would FaceTime me and put Sasha on the phone and I’m like, ‘Mom, I can’t talk right now, I’m at prom.’”

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As her class is preparing for graduation, Sierra said she’s planning on making a little cap and gown for her pup.

She even emailed the venue to check on their pet policy, just in case Sasha might be welcome to join in on the pomp and circumstance.  

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