Firefighter Dances as He Works in Devastating Floods: 'You've Got to Blow Off a Little Steam'

When firefighter Derek Knight's department was sent out to deal with the floods in Arkansas, he decided to have a little fun with it.

This Arkansas fireman has taken the phrase “whistle while you work” to the next level.

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Volunteer firefighter Derek Knight was spotted busting out his moves while directing traffic in a video posted to the Decatur Fire Department's Facebook page.

“Any fireman will tell you that sometimes, you’ve got to blow off a little steam,” Knight told

Knight, who has been with the department for nearly a year, said they were in the streets for nearly 24 hours over the weekend handling the heavy rains and floods that caused roads to be closed off.

“There was a lot of flooding,” he said. “I was the rookie on the department so I got to direct the traffic while everybody else stayed in the truck.”

When his fire chief started playing music on the PA system, he decided to go along with the joke.

“When you’re that tired, you’ll pretty much do anything to stay awake at that point,” he joked.

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And, since the videos went viral, Knight said he’s happy for the recognition, but hopes it will raise awareness for how hard volunteer firefighters work.

“Especially in our area, we [have] a lot of rural departments so we’re the only guys out there,” he said. “Support your local fire department. Give those guys a pat on the back.”

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