From a Giant Rodent to a Rhino Iguana, Here Are the World's Most Exotic Pets

It's a lot of work to take care of a 120-pound rat-like creature.

Truly exotic households pets like these are a growing phenomenon in America.

One Kansas household has a capybara, the world’s largest rodent breed, and treats the animal like a member of the family.

Jackie Wren and her family let Chico the capybara snuggle up in bed with her, eat popcorn as they watch TV and even jump in the pool with her grandkids.

If You or Someone You Know Has an Exotic Pet, Let Us Know!

“I got him when he was just four pounds and now he is 120 and he will get to be 150,” she told Inside Edition.

The care for the giant rat-like pet has taken over her life and she calls it “a 24 hour-a-day job.”

She posts about her beloved Chico on social media.

Dave Durham treats his rhino iguana named Bruce like any other pet that needs tender loving care.

“I think she is better than having a dog,” Durham said of the animal, admitting that they often cuddle.

Durham also gave an interesting fact about the iguana.


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“When they are babies, you can't tell if they are a boy or a girl," he said.

A group of women from Long Island have an exotic pet known as sugar gliders, which are part of the marsupial family.

The woman said they even make cute pouches for the pets to stay in. 

While the pets may seem odd and different from typical household animals like dogs, cat, fish, or birds, each of the owners said they could not live without their mates.

If You or Someone You Know Has an Exotic Pet, Let Us Know!

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