Dumpster Diver! Dad Digs Through Heaps of Trash To Find Son's Cell Phone He Threw Away

They used an app to track the phone.

A New Jersey boy’s dad rummaged through heaps of trash to find his 13-year-old son's cell phone, according to reports. 

Ethan Roncace’s IPhone was accidentally thrown away at a Haddon Township high school on Monday but his dad wasn’t going to let the phone stay lost.

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The family used an app to track down the phone’s location which led them to a garbage dump, Covanta waste-to-energy facility, in Camden, according to NBC10.

The boy’s dad, Craig, wasted no time suiting up and digging through the waste. Within 30 minutes, he found his son’s phone - still working, reports said. 

"How far do you go find your son's I-Phone? Yes, dumpster diving. This was real life Toy Story 3 experience," Deborah Roncace, Ethan's mom, wrote on Facebook. "Craig was the hero of the day in Ethan's eyes."

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Workers were close to dumping the trash into a 50-foot-high and 25-foot deep pile of garbage.

A spokesperson for the Covanta told NBC10 that there’s a little more than 50 percent success rate in finding things when they can identify the trash truck the item was in. 

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