Father Shot 3 Times Drives Boys to Safety as Masked Gunmen Try to Steal Their ATV: Cops

The boys, who were all age 14 or under, told cops the victim was able to drive them out of harm's way.

A brave dad is now recovering after his young sons and nephew told police masked gunmen opened fire on their vehicle in a Florida driveway over the weekend.

The terrifying incident occurred late Saturday when the Volusia County Sheriff's Office says two men pulled in behind a 39-year-old father as he parked his truck in a Deltona driveway with his two sons and nephew in the vehicle.

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One of the boys, 14-year-old Jarvis Britt Jr., told WKMG that the men got out of their vehicle and approached his dad's truck.

"They got out, ran out to the car and said, ‘Stop, stop. We're not playing. We're not playing.' Then my dad pulled off and they just started shooting," Britt said. 

Despite gunshot wounds to his right forearm, right armpit area and left wrist, Britt said his dad sped away "just to protect us. He just drove."

"There was blood on the seat and a chunk of his arm was off," Britt Jr. said.

The dad managed to get the truck to a convenience store, where a bystander called police for help.

One of the children sustained a small cut on his finger from broken glass but the boys were otherwise unharmed.

The dad, Jarvis Britt Sr., was airlifted by Sheriff’s Office helicopter to Central Florida Regional Hospital in Sanford for medical treatment. The child also was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

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In a statement, police said they believe the motive of the terrifying ambush was burglary, and reports pointed toward the ATV in the bed of Britt's truck as the intended haul.

As the investigation continues, cops are on the lookout for the two suspects, who remain at large.

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