College Student Gets Her Career Started Fast - at Graduation Ceremony

When the ceremony began, she had no idea what she'd be doing for work. By the time it was over, she had a job.

One college grad got the call of her lifetime right in the middle of her commencement ceremony.

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Recent University of Central Florida grad Melanie Sanchez got a call during the middle of her ceremony Friday and as the marketing major was waiting to collect her diploma, she got a job offer.

When her cell phone rang, the 23-year-old recognized the number and picked up. The number belonged to a company she interviewed with earlier in the week. 

“I either don't answer it and I don't know what could happen, like what if they give the job to someone else," Sanchez told Inside Edition. "I don't know. I was just kinda like freaking out. So I was like, 'You know what? This is a once in a lifetime chance, so I’m just gonna answer it real quickly.' At first she asks me, is this a good time to speak? And I said, yeah, of course. Meanwhile, you hear people clapping and screaming in the background."

Sanchez added that she was offered the position and her reaction was caught on video thanks to a friend who was recording the situation.

“She just says, ‘So, we're calling because I want to let you know that we want to offer you the position.’ So, that was when I was reacting. My friend got it all on tape,” Sanchez recalled.

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She will be a marketing specialist at a Florida health care company.

“The feeling of graduating and getting my diploma and then telling me I got the job, is just an unexplainable feeling," she added. "Like, it feels amazing,”

Sanchez starts her new job on May 15 and will walk into her office as the latest viral star.

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