Daughter Allegedly Killed Father After Parents Decided to Evict Her: Cops

Brittany Simpson initially told police an intruder killed her parents.

A South Carolina woman has been jailed without bond after cops alleged last week that she killed her father when her parents decided to evict her from their home.

Brittany Simpson, 31, was living rent-free in her parents' Mount Pleasant home until Tuesday, when court documents allege she called 911 to report that an intruder came through the door and shot them.

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"Someone just came in the back door. Someone just came right in," Simpson said in the call. 

Police arrived while 66-year-old Robert Simpson was still alive and an officer had to kick in the master bedroom door to help him. That help, however, came too late.

Simpson's wife Susan Simpson related to police that she heard her husband scream followed by gunshots. She ran to the bedroom to find blood pouring out from under the master bedroom door.

Brittany Simpson initially told cops that an intruder entered the home and shot her father. However, her sister first cast doubt on that story before police say they found Brittany's clothes along with a gun in a nearby creek.

Police say Brittany later confessed to carrying out the crime herself. In court documents, investigators note that Simpson's mother had recently sought to kick her out of their home.

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She was later charged with murder.

The suspect’s attorney, David Aylor, released a statement to People, but did not address the alleged confession or how his client intends to plead.

“The only thing that I can confirm is that Brittany was currently on disability and was not working,” Aylor said. “Though she wasn’t currently working, she was still a pretty active person in regards to recreational activities and things like that, her disability wasn’t hampering her from that.

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