Woman Calmly Shoos Away Bear Found Snacking in Her Garage: 'You Can't Have It!' | Inside Edition

Woman Calmly Shoos Away Bear Found Snacking in Her Garage: 'You Can't Have It!'

While most of us would've panicked, Diana Chase kept a cool head.

A California woman was cool as a cucumber after she found a bear noshing on a snack in her garage.

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Diana Chase, the owner of the Pine Mountain Inn in Los Padres National Forrest, opened her home garage and saw the bear eating dog food.

Instead of panicking, she took out her phone and recorded the hungry bear.

“Oh, look at the mess you made, isn't that special,” she can be heard saying as the bear munches on food.

"You can't have it!" she urges. 

The bear eventually made his way out of the garage, but stayed close in the hopes of getting another chance to munch on the dog food he spilled.

“I was nervous it didn’t leave because it can do a lot of damage,” she told Inside Edition. “I did get a little nervous because he would not back off.”

Chase said the bear was young and didn’t seem aggressive.

She said she sprayed Windex at the bear to try and make him back off and kicking an old washing machine in an effort to frighten the bear.

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The bear eventually left the property and Chase was able to close the garage. 

“It really was exciting for me,” Chase told Inside Edition. “It is really exhilarating photographing a bear.”

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