Cop Called To Noise Complaint Joins Teen Rock Band on the Drums

Constable Joel Clark said he gave up playing in his own rock band to join the force.

It took a cop responding to a noise complaint for the party to really get started.

A teen rock band in Toronto, Canada, thought their party was being shut down when a local police officer showed up.

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Instead, Constable Joel Clark of the Peel Regional Police Department hopped behind the drum set and joined the band Vinyl Ambush on their next song.

“They were super into it and really inviting,” Clark told “It was the best feeling. I haven’t had that much fun in quite a few years.”

He explained he and a partner were called by neighbors, who reported the home was making too much noise.

When Clark arrived, he asked the band to turn it down. The teens then explained they were celebrating someone’s 50th birthday, and memos were sent around to the neighbors.

He then asked them what they were going to play next, and the band members responded they would play an original song, “Curiosity.”

Even though he didn’t know the song, Clark told them he would try to drum along anyway.

He told he had been playing the drums with a band until they broke up in 2014 when he moved away with his wife.

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“I tried my hardest to get a fan base,” he said, but explained he gave it all up to pursue a career in law enforcement.

That was clearly what inspired him to give the teens of Vinyl Ambush a bit of advice after their gig.

“The biggest regret I have in my life in stopping. That was the most fun I’ve had in years,” Clark could be seen telling the crowd, according to a video posted to the band’s YouTube page. “Don’t stop.”

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