Pit Bull Formerly on Euthanasia List Now a Top K9 Agent With Police Department

"All he needed was a chance," cops said.

All it took was a chance for this rescued pit bull to rise from the euthanasia list to a top K9 agent with a Washington state Police Department.

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Apollo, the latest drug-sniffing K9 with the Tukwila Police Department, could already be seen wooing the public during a Coffee with a Cop event at a local mall.

In a Facebook post, the police department explained Apollo wasn’t like most of their K9 agents. In fact, the abandoned pit bull was once considered unadoptable.

“He stayed at the shelter for six months and was deemed to have too much energy to be considered for adoption,” police wrote. "[He] was about to be euthanized."

Instead, shelter workers reached out to the Tukwila Police Department to see if he would be a suitable as a K9 officer.

“She stated that he was a high drive dog and he would finish first in narcotics school if someone would give him a chance,” police explained. “All he needed was a chance.”

The department decided to offer Apollo the chance, and after several months in narcotics school, Apollo “did indeed finish first in his class,” cops wrote.

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While his main duty with the department is to detect drugs, he’s often caught around the department trying to get cops to play.

“He is extremely friendly,” the post wrote. “He has brought great joy to all of us at the department.”  

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