Cleveland Police Officer Who Shot and Killed Tamir Rice Fired for Lying on Job Application

Timothy Loehmann was fired for providing false information in his application join the police force, according to reports.

The Cleveland police officer who fatally shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice has been fired for lying on his job application, according to reports.

Timothy Loehmann was fired for providing false information in his application to join the Cleveland Police Department, allegedly lying about how his brief period of time with the Independence Police Department came to an end, reported.

Though he claimed to have “resigned for personal reason,” from the police force, he was in fact allowed to resign to avoid being fired – information he was reportedly supposed to disclose.  

In his six months with the Independence Police Department, Loehmann’s supervisors allegedly found him to be immature and unable to “emotionally function,” a disciplinary letter obtained by said.

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He was also found to have had an emotional breakdown on the gun range in Independence, officials said.

Loehmann failed to disclose any of those details — as well as the fact that he failed a 2009 written exam when applying to work as an officer in Maple Heights — when he applied to the Cleveland Police Department.

“As satisfying as it is that he was terminated, he was never brought up on charges for killing Tamir Rice,” Rice family lawyer Earl Ward told The New York Daily News. “So it was the right result for all the wrong reasons."

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Eight months after joining the Cleveland Police Department, Loehmann shot and killed Tamir, who was playing with a pellet gun, at the Cudell Recreation Center in November 2014.

Loehmann fired his gun less than three seconds after arriving at the scene.  

In 2015, a grand jury declined to indict Loehmann or his partner, Frank Garmback, who received a 10-day suspension.

The city of Cleveland ultimately paid a $6 million settlement to Tamir’s family.

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