Endangered Neon Green Chicks Join Zoo's 'Baby Boom' of Rare Animals

The Javan green magpie chicks join two Asian elephant calves, a baby Bornean orangutan and a pair of Rothschild's giraffes in the zoo's baby boom.

Rare animals are apparently quite common at this England zoo after a pair of neon green chicks became the latest to join the facility's threatened species’ baby boom.

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The Javan green magpie chicks, considered the rarest bird species on Earth, could be seen in footage by the Chester Zoo at just a few hours old, being fed by the mama bird in their nest.

The species face extinction in the wild, and their hatching is not only a significant addition to the population, but also to the population of rare animal babies that have been making their presence known since their recent births.

In addition to the Javan green magpie chicks, two Asian elephant calves, a baby Bornean orangutan and a pair of Rothschild’s giraffes were some of the young born to endangered species at the zoo.

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Though not endangered, a duo of red river hoglets, a capybara pup and twin sengis (elephant shrews) also joined the recent births at the zoo.

“The zoo is currently in the midst of one of its biggest ever baby booms,” Mike Jordan of the Chester Zoo said in a press release. “Every birth helps us to raise awareness of the survival pressures that many species around the planet are faced with and the conservation work we are doing to try and protect them.“

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