Man Hits 88 MPH in DeLorean Just Like in 'Back to the Future,' and Winds Up With Speeding Ticket

It may have worked in the movie, but this motorist wound up with a ticket instead of time travel.

A Los Angeles man is paying the price for trying to mimic the speeds Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd reached in the Back to the Future series.

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Grad student Spencer White was driving on the freeway in the highly recognizable vehicle when he realized he was way over the speed limit in his DeLorean.

“I saw I was going 85 miles an hour and I thought I could probably take it up to 88 because of the whole Back to the Future thing,” he told Inside Edition.

His mom, Michelene, who was riding in the passenger seat, actually egged him on.

“I was like we are in a DeLorean, well, it's almost 88, why not get it just a little bit faster?” she admitted.

In the famous films, the flux capacitor is activated once the car hits 88 miles per hour, sending the car and its occupants into a different time.

But as he reached the magic number on the speedometer, the police pulled him back to reality.

California Highway Patrol officer Kevin McGhee, a fan of the Back to the Future films himself, only needed a moment to figure it out.

“He and his mom seemed very ecstatic, holding back chuckles, and I was kind of wondering why,” he told Inside Edition. “That’s when I realize 88 miles an hour, DeLorean, Back to the Future.”

But despite the good-natured fun of the stunt, White got a well-deserved speeding ticket, complete with a $400 fine.

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“It was not a good idea, but it was sure fun while it lasted,” his mom said.

Officer McGhee admitted: “I’m telling you that made my night when he flipped open those doors.”

The DeLorean is one of the most iconic cars in movie history, thanks to its role in the time travel trilogy.

The grad student says he has learned his lesson and won’t clock in that the top speed again.

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